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Macabre Moon offers a unique family-friendly theatrical dance and fire performance where your imagination runs wild as the flame! 


Alicia is thrilled and proud to bring an exciting new show and performing duo to her 2021 performances - Macabre Moon!


Macabre Moon is a mother-daughter duo formed in 2020 with the Enchantress and her talented daughter, Aries. Her daughter, an accomplished stage performer and artist in her own right, is ecstatic to join her mother on stage in their first stage show as a mother-daughter duo- Macabre Moon!

Macabre Moon tell stories through enchanting dance and amaze with daring stage acts. Aries, master of graceful veils will mesmerize with her flowing movements while The Enchantress, mistress of the flame, will keep you on the edge of your seat with her fire dance and manipulation!


*Macabre Moon creates the illusion of danger while practicing safety for all involved.*

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