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There is something extra spectacular when seeing a fire show!

A fire show will take your event to the next level!


Alicia stands out for her choreographed fire performances that include dance, theatrics, story telling, interaction, and skill. As a multi-disciplinary artist, she is one of the few performers who can perform an hour long solo show without repeating acts!


Your guests will watch in amazement as Alicia dances with flames and light up the evening!


Alicia has many costume styles and colors to choose from to fit your theme and modesty level. She also takes music requests, so the show will fit with the theme and vision of the event!

Alicia follows the highest safety standards for performing with fire. Fire performance should look dangerous, not be dangerous. Fire Shows can be performed inside or outside, however inside shows are subject to your local fire regulations.

Fire Shows

Bellydance Fire Alabama

Arabian Nights Fire Show

An elegant and enchanting Arabian themed show with a twist! Arabian Nights features authentic Middle Eastern bellydance with swords, veils, zills, and of course fire!

Classy. Sultry. Mystical!

Island Fire Show

Want to bring island dance and FIRE to you luau or island party? Bring the islands of Polynesia to your event with some hula, tahitian, and fire dance!

Luau Fire Dance

This variety show is perfect for Renaissance Festivals and Faires! Featuring The Enchantress and Aries, who amaze with the mysterious and awe inspiring performance. 

Macabre Moon

Customized Fire Show

Are you looking to bring flaming hot entertainment to your event to light up the party? Customize your show today!

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