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About Alicia


She has captured and intrigued the performing arts community with incredible work and is a sought out entertainer. Alicia gathers inspiration from personal narratives, the environment, and cultures around the world. Each piece embodies a life experience, which has led her to work with leading artists and clients from all over the globe. She's inspired by the world that surrounds her, and the people, places and things that fill her daily life all find their way into her work. 

Alicia has trained intensely in classical forms of dance as well as the evolving performance art and modern dance. She has taught an immense number of classes throughout her profession and has performed just as much!

Students who have studied with Alicia have gone on to teach and perform in all styles of dance and many have made their living through performance or teaching.




Alicia currently has an online community with lessons, performances, and tips:

Read Alicia's Full Dancer Bio and Credentials:

Alicia's Bio & Credentials

Have you ever had a thought you simply couldn’t put in words? A feeling you couldn’t describe? Perhaps an idea that could only seem to exist in your wildest imagination? Alicia is a captivating performer who aims to express those ideas through her art while winning the hearts of audiences around the nation and beyond! Alicia has been performing professionally since 2009 and has worked tirelessly to develop a unique style and technique as a performing artist.

Alicia's Recent Performances

  • The Kansas City Renaissance Festival

  • Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

  • The University of Missouri's Night on the Nile

  • Celebration of Nations in Rolla, Missouri

  • Lake of the Ozarks Pirate Festival

  • The Alabama Renaissance Festival

  • NAFSA VIP Turkish Gala in St. Louis

  • Leach Theatre's Chinese Spring Festival

  • The University of Missouri's Made in Africa Gala

  • Ozark Actors Theater's Follies

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